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Spring Detoxification Tips & Tricks

Spring Detoxification


What is Spring Detoxification?

A spring detoxification helps your body flush out waste and toxins, giving you a fresh start as the warmer season hits.

So, why spring? Well, the winter months are usually filled with sedentary activities and many holidays, which offer plenty of opportunities to overindulge. This means as we come out of these busy months and into the warmer and more active season, it’s the perfect time to reset your body and your digestive system.

In turn, this may lower inflammation caused by harmful substances in the body, which also may help reduce your risk of various chronic and life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and more. 

So, when should you do your spring detox? Experts advise doing a detox in early spring or late winter to rid the body of any lingering substances from the holidays. From there, doing another detox in late spring (early to mid-June) can help prime your body for summer and set you up for health and wellness success.


5 Tips for Your Spring Detoxification

Spring detoxifications don’t have to involve anything extreme. For instance, many people do a semi-detox when they perform “Dry February,” where they avoid consuming alcohol for the entirety of the month. With a few simple changes and tweaks, you can get rid of all the bad stuff and make way for all the good coming as the warmer season hits.

Check out the following tips for ideas on how you can detox this spring!


1. Try Fasting

This can mean fasting for a whole day (But make sure to do so safely with plenty of water and minimal activity) or it can simply mean performing intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting involves fasting for a set amount of time and eating for a set amount of time. In fact, we already do this overnight as we sleep. Yet, you can extend this fast to last 14-20 hours to reset the digestive tract and your body.

Studies show that fasting can help promote weight loss, repair cellular damage, suppress inflammation, and more!


2. Get a Colonic Cleanse

Colonic cleanse can help remove any blockages in the lower digestive tract, relieving constipation and other issues. However, it’s always best to do this with an experienced practitioner. Consider looking up one in your area rather than doing this yourself.


3. Add More Veggies

You can decide to go full vegetarian for a little bit to decrease toxins and waste in the body (and promote good gut health!). Or you can opt to simply add more veggies to support your body with plenty of nutrients and antioxidants.

In particular, research indicates cruciferous vegetables and berries can help with detoxification and metabolism through multiple pathways. In fact, many in the health world swear by a daily carrot salad in helping clear the intestinal tract and prevent constipation.


4. Do a “Liver Flush”

A liver flush, or liver cleanse, often involves drinking or eating certain foods over a set amount of time to support your liver and rid the body of toxins. Interestingly, it usually starts with the removal of certain foods, then the addition of certain juices, and then the addition of certain supplements (which leads us right to our next point!)


5. Try Supplementation

Life Nutrition can support your spring detoxification through high-quality supplements, like Liver Detox, Probiotics, Deep Sea Fish, Soy Lecithin, Women Everyday Complete, and Men Everyday Complete.

Additionally, your spring detox can be supported by doing the basics, such as moving your body, reducing processed foods, eliminating alcohol, getting plenty of sleep, and staying properly hydrated. Start your spring detoxification today!


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