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What is PQQ?

PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) is frequently referred to as the longevity vitamin. And this nickname definitely has some justifiable reasons behind it.  


PQQ may help improve mental focus, increase energy—and yes, even help you live longer! So, how does PQQ do this?  Where does it come from? Should you start incorporating this supplement into your regular regime? Let’s find out. 


What is PQQ? 

PQQ is a compound similar to vitamins that is found in kiwis, spinach, soybeans, human breastmilk, and soil. It’s actually produced by bacteria. In fact, within bacteria, PQQ helps break down alcohol and sugar and turn them into energy. Many plants end up with PQQ from absorption via the soil. But this is a good thing! 


PQQ has various health benefits including:

1. Acting as an antioxidant.

Free radicals are a natural byproduct of metabolism. Unfortunately, too many free radicals can wreak havoc on the body and its systems, leaving your health less than optimal. Luckily, antioxidants, like PQQ, help combat these free radicals and prevent them from causing harm. 

Surprisingly, PQQ may be better than vitamin C when it comes to antioxidant capacities!


2. Preventing mitochondrial dysfunction.

The mitochondria are the powerhouses of your cells. Every call in our body needs these structures to produce energy. Yet, emerging research continues to show how mitochondrial dysfunction can lead to ill health and disease including heart disease and diabetes.   

In turn, PQQ is thought to enhance energy levels and potentially improve overall health (Your body needs adequate energy to perform at its best!).


3. Reducing inflammation.

Studies show that PQQ supplementation leads to less inflammatory damage, giving way to the idea that it can help reduce and prevent inflammation throughout the body. It’s thought PQQ is able to do this by reducing C-reactive proteins, interleukin-6, and other inflammatory compounds. As a result, it may even help reduce the effects of aging!


4. Acting as a nootropic.

Nootropics are all the rage in the biohacking and health communities. Basically, nootropics are any substance, natural or synthetic, that help improves mental capacity and performance. It’s thought PQQ falls within this category due to its potential to improve memory, specifically in elder individuals. 


How Do PQQ & NMN Work Together? 

PQQ and NMN work side-by-side to enhance cellular energy and support metabolism. Combined with another ingredient, like Resveratrol, you have the perfect combination to amp up NAD+ levels, which helps prevent age-related effects.  


If you’re looking for an all-natural anti-aging strategy, Life Nutrition’s NMN+ Resveratrol & PQQ might be just what you’ve been looking for. Within just 60 days of regular use, NMN can potentially increase NAD+ by 38%. Time takes its toll on the body. But what you do matters the most. Starting from within will help you age gracefully on the outside. 

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