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Up Close and Personal: Our Team Share Their Their Daily Nighttime Ritual for Sleeping Well!

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The Power of Rituals


What you get up to in the hour or two hours before going to bed makes a whole lot of difference to the quality of your sleep and even the quality of your week! And when we say the quality of your sleep, we don’t just mean the extra hour of shut-eye that you got last night, it also means the right kind of sleep. Did you toss and turn all night? Did you have lucid dreams? Let’s take a look at how some members of Life Nutrition unwind and get ready for bed.



Bryant, Co-founder and Nutrition Ninja


After dinner and putting the kids to sleep, I always put my phone away. It’s true what they say about blue light affecting your sleep and I’ve seen a noticeable difference when I have at least an hour of digital detoxing before bed. I always spend this time reading a book Super Human: The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever before making sure all blinds are shut and it’s quiet. 

Most night’s I take two capsules of our Sleep Tonight ( supplement half an hour before sleeping, and as soon as I close my eyes I zonk out! Nothing feels better than a deep sleep after a long day in the office.




Sara, Co-founder and SUPERMOM


Lots of ladies have an extensive nighttime skincare routine, but for me there’s one step I never miss and that is to gargle salt water to clear my throat. It’s something that I’ve been doing for years as it helps to prevent oral bacteria, viral infections and also helps with allergies.


I like to adjust the temperature of the bedrooms to 21 degrees Celsius, this keeps me cool throughout the night which helps me get a consistently good night’s sleep. The other must-have for me are 100% black out blinds. Whoever invented these are a total GENIUS! 


Finally, I ask my kids to think of 3 things that made them happy in their day, to end the day on a grateful and positive note. Then I take 5 deep breaths, shut my eyes, and drift off into dreamland...




Zoe, Project Manager Extraordinaire


My night time ritual is a small face mask at times and even giving myself a hand massage to relax. With the increased use of hand sanitiser right now, it’s an essential step in my routine to prevent my skin from drying out. My go-to hand cream right now is Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm! I’ve been using this for years and it does the trick to moisturise without feeling sticky. 



Casey, Creative Wizard 


My night time ritual is to take a short shower to wash off the grime of the day, then slather on my favourite Geranium body lotion from Aesop ( It smells fresh and leaves my skin feeling pampered.


My favorite thing to do to unwind is to put on some youtube videos about food (I know, not the best idea at night because it always makes me hungry again) and use the Hypervolt massage gun (link on any uncomfortable spots. I’m currently hooked on watching DIY home ramen videos! 

Usually half an hour before bedtime I switch off all electronic devices and switch to reading a book instead, I’m about to start on a book called Pachinko ( , a story of love and sacrifice, set in the early 1900s in Korea.


What’s ONE nighttime ritual you can’t live without? Share with us in the comments below!



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