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Astaxanthin: Nature's Gift to Optimal Eye Health


What is Astaxanthin?


Astaxanthin is a vibrant, red-colored carotenoid pigment found in certain algae and marine life, such as salmon, shrimp, and lobsters. Its role in nature is to protect these organisms from harmful ultraviolet (UV) light and oxidative stress.


People usually consume Astaxanthin organically in their diets through seafood abundant in this vibrant compound, inadvertently benefiting from its numerous health advantages. Beyond its potent antioxidant properties, which combat cellular damage and oxidative stress, Astaxanthin has been linked to improved skin health, offering protection against harmful UV radiation and reducing the appearance of age-related changes. Additionally, studies found that Astaxanthin plays a pivotal role in supporting joint and muscle health, reducing inflammation, and improving exercise performance. Its benefits also extend to the cardiovascular system, promoting heart health and optimizing blood flow. Over time, as our understanding of Astaxanthin's benefits grew, it made its way into dietary supplements and health products.


Astaxanthin & Eye Health

Astaxanthin's primary claim to fame in the realm of eye health is its powerful antioxidant properties.


Eyes are particularly susceptible to oxidative stress, primarily from prolonged exposure to screens, UV light, and other environmental factors. This oxidative stress can lead to various eye-related issues and diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, and even simple eye fatigue.


How Astaxanthin Works?

Astaxanthin, being a potent antioxidant, combats this oxidative stress, protecting the eyes from damage. Studies has shown Astaxanthin can improve blood flow to the retina, enhance accommodation amplitude (focusing ability), and alleviate eye fatigue. Research supports these claims, indicating that Astaxanthin can reduce eye strain and improve visual acuity and prevent or slow down the progression of more severe conditions like AMD.


Understanding the potent benefits of Astaxanthin, Life Nutrition has incorporated it into our eye health category. We use proven patented AstaReal® Astaxanthin as our active ingredients to ensure best eye protecting result.


Our Bright Eyes is a 30 years clinically study proven formula that combines the power of AstaReal® Astaxanthin with other essential nutrients to combat age-related vision problems and promote overall eye health. Check out the product here.


Our little ones are not immune to the stresses our eyes face daily. Kids Bright Eyes is an unique formula is specially designed for children, ensuring they too can benefit from the unparalleled protection AstaReal® Astaxanthin provides.


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