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5 Supplements Men Can Include in their Diets | Life Nutrition

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Although more and more men are making a conscious effort to look after their health these days, there is still a large pool who don’t think about it until they require a trip to the doctor’s office. 


Women are more likely to discuss health issues with their girlfriends, so why is it that a lot of men still don’t address these issues until it’s too late? It’s 2020 and there are still men who feel the need to appear strong, never showing any emotions as a sign of masculinity.


We asked our friends and family and found out that one of the reasons that men don’t tend to talk about their issues or ask for help is the misconception that this is a sign of “weakness”. Some ways that we can help them overcome this is to look for ways in which we can encourage self-care talk amongst family and friends! 


Let’s take a look at one way we can help to incorporate more health talk with the men in our lives - nutrition. In today’s modern world, the food we consume contains a lot less nutrients than the simple wholesome food that may have been readily available in the past. Due to this lack of nutrition, people turn to taking supplements to make sure that they get enough essential nutrients in their diet. But how do you know which ones they really need? It’s easy for them to get intimidated by the hundreds of options in the supplement aisle and not ask for help. 


Help them take the guesswork out of choosing supplements and look out for the right ingredients on the nutritional label! It’s not a one-size fits all answer and everyone has different areas of health that they want to focus on. Here are our top 5 recommendations for men:


Mens Everyday One best Men's Multi Vitamin

If you want to start taking supplements, this is a great starter supplement. Men’s Everyday ONE provides a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals that specifically target men’s nutritional needs with just one tablet a day in a food base so that you can absorb the nutrients better. This formula helps to relieve stress, prevent fatigue, maximise muscle recovery and improve prostate health amongst the many benefits.




2) Deep Sea Fish Oil

Deep Sea Fish Oil promote your heart health

An essential product you should be taking is Fish Oil. The American Heart Association recommends 500mg of epa/dha daily to maintain good cardiovascular health including cholesterol levels. How would you know how to choose a good quality fish oil? Do some research on where it’s sourced from and the tests that it goes through. Life Nutrition carefully selects fish from sustainable sources (from waters outside Peru) and processes them in quality controlled factories in Norway, where there are over 450 purity checks conducted in order to ensure the highest quality oil. Just one a day is the recommended amount for healthy living!


3) Advanced Probiotics 

Advanced Probiotics improve Digestive Health

70% of your immune system resides in your digestive tract so if you don’t look after your gut, your overall health including mental health can be affected. 


Advanced Probiotics provides you with a guaranteed 15 billion of probiotics at time of use (during manufacturing we put in 50 billion). 8 strains include the most studied Lactobacillus GG and Bl-04, which is a doctor recommended for respiratory health. This helps to maintain the ratio of “friendly” and “non-beneficial” bacteria in your gut to keep your immune system strong and healthy. 

4) Liver Detox


We all know that a healthy liver can improve digestion, metabolism, immunity and even nutrient absorption. We also know that when people get too busy they often turn to fatty and processed fast food or quick frozen meals! Modern lifestyle habits can weaken your liver and cause toxins to accumulate, leaving you feeling tired and weak.

Liver Detox works by creating a 3-step detox process from blocking toxins out of liver cells, to flushing it out, followed by regenerating liver cells so the liver is functioning properly.


5) Prostate Power 

Prostate Power healthy prostate function

While it’s not the most comfortable topic to approach, men over 40 years of age should start paying attention to their prostate health. Past the age of 40, a lot of men will start to notice symptoms such as a frequent urge to urinate, and pain or stiffness in the lower back, pelvic area, rectal area or upper thighs. These health issues are a rising concern for people and it’s better to prevent these issues as they are difficult to cure. 


There are many factors that affect prostate health such as stress levels and diet. Good habits in a man’s exercise and diet have a big impact on his prostate health but it’s hard to get all the nutrients you need through diet. That’s why men are increasingly starting to use supplements to better manage their prostate health. 


Prostate Power contains 5 clinically studied herbal extracts from Saw Palmetto Extract and Pumpkin Seed Oil for healthy prostate function, to lycopene for helping to rejuvenate cells for anti-aging effect.



We hope this gives you more insight into the different kinds of supplements that you can include in your diet or even send as a gift to loved ones. Let’s do our part in getting rid of the taboo associated with men talking about health.

Drop us a comment below to let us know if you have any questions or want to share any of your experiences with us!

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